Who is Cairo Zion?

“Cairo Zion” DelaRosa

Age 16 Height 5’7″ Size 16

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Reel Talent: Los Angeles CA


Brevard Talent Group: Film & TV

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World of Kids, Stellar, Elite, Select, and Ulanova Talent.

Cairo Zion is a SAG AFTRA-e teen actor, model, and athlete. But, he is most known for his athletic ability, and uncanny balance.

Whistle Sports filmed a mini-documentary about Cairo for their series “No Days Off,” and he was the lead in a series by “Got Milk,” ft. Spice Adams. He is also well-known as a competitor on American Ninja Warrior Jr.

Cairo earned the title of Costa Rican “Grom of the Year” for Skimboarding in 2018, but he is also known for doing stunts on his unicycle, surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and freeline skates.

Diagnosed with dyslexia at age 7, he has since become very passionate about telling his story to help others. Cairo was highlighted at the Asia Pacific Dyslexia Forum 2021 in Japan, and has made Vlogs for classrooms in India, and Costa Rica. Most recently, he was the recipient of the “Global Child Prodigy Award” 2022.

A native New Yorker, Cairo has a very diverse family background. His heritage is a mix of European, Puerto Rican, West African, and even Native American (Comanche, and Taino). His step-father is Sikh from New Delhi, so he has been raised closely with the traditions of India, as well.

Cairo has travelled the world from a young age; but his heart lies in Miami, Costa Rica, Rishikesh India, and Dubai.



Film, Commercial, Voice Over, Stunts


Surfer, Skimboarder, Skateboarder, Ninja, Unicycle stunts, Wakeboard obstacles, Parkour, Tae Kwon Do

Best Known For

American Ninja Warrior Jr.

Whistle Sports “No Days Off”

Akon “Ain’t No Peace”

Got Milk “I Could Do That”

Alex Multiversa Guest Star


Global Child Prodigy Award Winner